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Lucky Black Heels

Redhead makes the most of a last minute work trip.

"Ahh fuck... and they won't let us appear telephonically?!" My coworker on the other end of the line confirmed in the negative. "God dammit. Why did Hank take a case down there, again?" A cynical comment from my coworker ended the conversation and I turned back to my computer screens. I stared at the monitor displaying my flight information with a sigh of despairing resignation. On the...

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Cat Burglar Ch. 02

David called to warn me to LOCK MY DOOR.

It was 11:43pm, on Tuesday. My cell phone rang. Caller ID showed it was David. He lives in my neighborhood: Out my door, make a left, cross 2 streets, make another left, and his basement apartment is about two-thirds of the way down the block, on the left. Fuck! He and I have an understanding: Whenever he's horny, he'll call. IF I answer, it automatically means that I am horny too, and ready...

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The Green Albatross Ch. 01

Teen uses lucky relic to score with young tenant.

All characters in the story, sexually or non-sexually involved, are 18 years of age and above. * Theodore opened the scroll and penned down his first wish. "My first wish will be to fulfil my desires with the girl who lives among my household, named Rachel Franklin. Tell me how I can seduce her." Theodore closed the scroll and went to bed. The following day arrived and he...

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Desire for Flesh

A young man is visited by a strange entity.

I stormed out of the house, letting the door slam shut on my girlfriend's steadily raising voice, cutting her off midway through yet another insult. I was angry, embarrassed, betrayed; another night spent setting up a romantic night, all gone to waste. I pull open the door to my car, slide in and slam the door as if it was the one I was mad at. She was late, AGAIN. Hours gone by waiting for...

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Becca the Avenger Pt. 03

A cheating ex-boyfriend and his friend are served justice.

Becca looked incredible in her Halloween costume. Looking at herself in the mirror, she wore a skintight sexy cop costume, including a jumpsuit that accentuated her deep cleavage, fishnet stockings, leather boots, and complete with a set of toy handcuffs attached to her belt. However, she wasn't going to just any other Halloween party. She had managed to change out the toy handcuffs with two sets...

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Gym Rat

A sweaty hookup in a college gym's locker room.

If there's one thing I loved about Cain, it was the way his sweat pooled at the small of his back. We'd exchanged a few words in bio class freshman year and I always found him kind of arrogant, but nothing could change the excitement I felt watching him drenched in sweat at the gym. He looked like the classic straight man I tried not to let myself be attracted to, with broad, muscular shoulders...

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Gay Students at Private School Ch. 05

Samantha seduces a teacher, Dougie has 7 cocks in one day.

Friday was an in-service day so the students had nothing really planned, Dougie would end up with a jam-packed day that he would not soon forget. It was a day that his irresistible sweet ass would be packed all day. It started with the morning ritual with his roommate Todd. Dougie moved to all fours and had his bottom well-lubed by his roommate. Todd's cock was throbbing with the anticipation of...

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Growing Sissy's on Granny's Farm Ch. 02

The teenager's mentor shows Ronald exactly what is expected of him.

In this continuing story, the hero descends (or ascends depending on your point of view) into the world of highly sexualized cross dressing with strong incest themes. If this doesn't appeal this story will not be for you. All the characters are over the age of 18 years old. All players are consenting adults. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THE SPIN-CYCLE At about the...

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Deep Discount

Wife intrigued with erotica and contractor.

My wife, Kay, and I have been married for 20 years now. We are both 50 and in relatively decent shape. Okay, I am in decent shape. She looks fantastic. She is 5'2", about 130, blonde, hazel eyes and very well-endowed chest-ily. Again, I am decent at 6'2", 175, buzzed salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. For endowed, I would not consider myself as such, but Kay says that it is "perfect". Clearly,...

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Mother Naked on April Fool's Day

April Fool's day to remember.

Jenifer Watkins is fifty- one years old. The five-foot eight inch, one hundred and thirty pound brunet who recently became redundant, because she could not transfer to a new location for the company that employed her for twenty years. Jenifer needs to find another job quickly, as they have one son in College and their younger son will attend the same college in the fall. Her husband has a good...

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Chantilly Lace

Woman meets her new private massage therapist.

The therapist I saw the other day was a traveling therapist. Apparently he set up shop in a different city in Texas each week. My friend Angela had seen him the last time he was in town and recommended I see him. We've been friends for years and she knew I had a regular massage therapist I saw once a month for the last several years. But Angela was pretty confident I'd like this new guy. His name...

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Hot for Teacher

Turns out BARELY legal was all he needed.

I'd re-read my message dozens of times. Still I was shaking, and couldn't bring myself to hit SEND. "Thanks for coming to my party! Sorry we didn't get to chat that I'm graduated, does that mean we can finally hang out? :-)" I needed to be flirty & suggestive, but not desperate or inappropriate. Basically, I needed to not sound like a high schooler. I was officially a...

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Meeting Rosario Dawson at Comic-Con

A couple has an elevator encounter with Rosario Dawson.

The summer Comic Convention was packed with people. Beth and Stan had an annual tradition of having lots of sexy times in their hotel room at night after Stan had gotten in his fill of shopping, panel discussions and photography. Beth entertained herself with massages, arial fitness classes, shopping, and getting horny while thinking of her sexy husband so focused on his hobbies. By the time...

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Blood Bound Ch. 02

Alistair attempts to steal his mate.

Alistair raced back to the clearing which he and his pack resided, not far from the village but a considerable distance. It was far enough where there was no chance of a mortal happening upon their home. He calmly entered his packs domain, where several members were all sitting in the small den in the center of the clearing. It was considered a place they could be comfortable and socialize with...

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Hot in the Kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen and getting most distracted.

She sighed, wiping the back of her hand along her brow, which was perspiring from the heat emanating from the stovetop. She leaned her hip against the counter, relaxing a moment as he came up behind her. As he entered the room she could feel his energy, before he even came to touch her. His hands, though strong, were gentle as they slid her thick red waves over one shoulder, placing a sweet...

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Iona Online Ch. 01

Michael logs into Iona for the first time.

Michael eagerly tore into the large box that had finally arrived after the longest three months of his life. He knew when he hit the preorder button that it was going to be a long wait, but it was still torturous. He finally got the stupid hardened cardboard open having sliced through roughly a half mile of packing tape, and beheld his prize. It was the latest immersion helmet from Augmented...

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Flirtation Pt. 03 - The Loss

Flirtation the loss.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * The day had come for the party I was to attend with Lisa. She arrived at 7pm prompt. We went to her car and she started to drive. She explained "I have only invited two others we are going to pick them up now." We drove along talking. Lisa was wearing black ankle boots, a dark figure hugging skirt and...

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Magic Dress - Yvette Pt. 03


If I was truly to be a woman, it could not just be at home, so we started venturing out. The first time was just a walk down the street and back again. I wore trainers as many women do, the original dress (of course) for good luck, and a coat as it was quite cool. I was shaking, but managed. Slowly we increased the time and range of our adventures, but always together. I was of course terrified...

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Blond Bitchy Neighbor Ruins My Life

Hot blond moves in and forces couple into threesome.

The apartment above us had been vacant for some time. My fiancé, Andrew, and I had moved in 6 months ago. Since then rental prices had gone up so much that it had kept away any new renters. This suited us both since Andrew and I were somewhat introverted and preferred our own privacy anyway. As we returned home one evening we noticed a new car out front, a bright red sports car. The front...

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Remote Control Cum

From criminal to cum slave for elderly women in commune.

Under normal circumstances, I would have thought it odd that a statuesque redhead would be waking me in what appeared to be my room in Ms Marjorie's house. These were hardly normal circumstances though. The IV tube leading from my arm, coupled with a severe ache in my abdomen confirmed that something strange was going on. You see, the spathic, though aged vision, meticulously checking my vitals...

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Dara Makes New Friends

Dara makes evening friends with whores and a princess.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * _This stand-alone story covers the end of Dara's time in Bangkok, but not her last week in Thailand. Reading the other "Dara..." stories is suggested but not required. For the convenience of those who read the other stories, the chapters are numbered sequentially. These chapters feature Dara meeting new...

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The Beast and the Butterfly

A tragic accident and a tale of rebirth.

It is the express intent of the author that all characters in this work are fictional and in no way represent actual people and that they should be interpreted to be over the age of 18. * Chapter 1 The graduation party had been fun. Our small school had made a deal with 'Pizza Planet, Fun and Games', our only local high school hangout, for an all-you can eat pizza...

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My Aunt Had a Threesome

I happened to watch my aunt having fun with her neighbors.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Some time ago my job required me to temporarily move to another town. It happened to be the hometown of my aunt Karen and so she was kind enough to help me find an apartment for my stay. Sometimes after work, I stopped by at her place for a coffee and a chat. Aunt Karen was 42 at the time and has always been...

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Miniature Golf

A round of miniature golf changes three lives forever.

August, 2019. Quantico, Virginia Keith Monroe hadn't worn his uniform once since retiring from active duty almost five years to the day, but this was an occasion that called for it, so he'd gotten a regulation haircut and put on the uniform he'd worn for 30 years. As he walked toward the reviewing stand by himself, he was saluted numerous times. "Good afternoon, sir!" one Marine...

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Complications Ch. 02

The outlook of promises is uneasy.

It was night again. However, instead of being herded into the cages like the other slaves, Joel was led to a bed in a small room, and locked in. He looked around, taking in his new surroundings. Why was he in here? A bed? A real bed, with a fluffy pillow? What does this all mean? He lay on top of the bed, smelling the scent of the fresh blanket. Vanilla. How ironic. Though the scent did make...

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Knight Squadron - Journey

Jade & Jag discover each other on Hapsburg...

30 plus years after the Battle of Syria... *** Colonel Jag Panzer, impressive in his formal black uniform, rose from the high-backed chair and stepped aside to push it back into its place at the dining table. His expression was somber as he rendered a deep, ceremonious bow to the smiling brunette. She was still in her place across the table from him, and she watched him with amused brown...

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In a Stranger's Eyes

An aging hit man goes on the run with his boss's daughter.

This story is for the April Fools Day contest 2019. Please remember to vote at the end, and thanks for taking the time to read my work. ---------------------------------------------------------- The car doors of the big sedan slammed shut as the two men sprinted into the nearby diner to get out of the steady drizzle that was falling from the sky. It was a typical spring day in the big...

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Wandering Hands

The Expert becomes the Subject after her lecture.

Without thinking she brushed the hand away. Like a fly it flitted around her butt stopping briefly, then moving on. She was deeply into a conversation with several very erudite people. Her presentation had gone well. A well-formulated discourse on Native American myths presented at this small community college, it was but a way stop on the publisher's required book tour. It had been well attended,...

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SOL Pt. 02

A little girl must find her way back to her own world!

Author's note: I was going to post once a week but after reviewing other stories on here, I see people prefer a large update -- at the very least -- once a month than having it divided into four updates. Here's the other three parts I planned on updating on here once a week but is now rolled into one! I kept the "chapter" names in this time around. ** Edge 1:2 Like dominoes...

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She Gave Him Power

Aaron visited by a relative is given new powers.

Aaron felt the sun before he saw it. Laying in bed he could feel the rising warmth travel slowly up his body until, irritatingly, it reached his face, forcing him to open his eyes. He sighed. His alarm clock to the right indicated 04:30, way too early to be getting up. "Wait...what" It was four thirty in the morning, why was the sun up? He quickly climbed from his bed and crossed...

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