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A Mage Born Ch. 02

A mage apprentice endures a trial by fire.

Dina reached the place she lived with her husband after a long, but uneventful walk. She didn't call it a home anymore, as it had stopped being that a while ago, but the walk was pleasant enough in that it let her reprieve last a bit longer. She was increasingly angry with herself as she made her way through the streets... She should have done more to dissuade Hanah from whatever her plan was and...

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Following Her Dream Ch. 04

Janet takes a mindless Rachel to a sex shop.

The wind blew through her hair as Janet fidgeted nervously where she stood. She saw the car turn the corner a block down. As it approached, she turned to stare up at Rachel, her friend's flowery dress flapping against Janet's thigh as it danced in the breeze. Janet marveled at the blank expression on her roommate's face. As the car pulled up in front of them, Janet felt a sudden wave of panic...

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The Envelope

Sometimes you can't ignore what is inside.

This is my third story as a new writer, hopefully they are improving. I did go back and re-write "Too Predictable" and cleaned up a bunch of mistakes. Both this story and the re-write were only possible with the help of my wonderful editor, MrsIntJ. As always I welcome all comments. --*-- The winter sun streamed through the big kitchen windows that Saturday morning. Brian sat at...

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The Preggo Club

Angela helps her friend Marilyn getting what she needs.

Off course we were delighted to be pregnant. Me and my hubby Emilio were married a year ago, and he had done his thing. And since we wanted a child the pregnancy was very welcome. But with my belly growing Emilio gradually lost interest in making love to me. Just when I needed that even more. Getting reassurance in being still attractive was important to me, but something my Em didn't give...

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Life and Time of Lady Vargos Ch. 06

Daily life and The Vow of Chastity?

Chapter 6 "Lady of the House" Martin had been home three days from his visit to the spa, and things were now becoming a bit more of daily routine for him as mistress of the household. As usual he had been awakened early by his husband with a long passionate kiss on the lips. Martin grabbed the sheets with both hands and groaned as he awoke in the affectionate displays of his...

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Camp of Blessing Ch. 12

Kristanna tries to escape her captors.

The drive and determination were clear both in Sister Beth's firm steps and facial expression. She was far from a good mood, in fact she couldn't remember being this angry in years. Mother Grace had gone on a sudden leave, and assigned an excessive amount of tasks for Beth to complete, delegating almost all of her administrative duties to the nun. That kept her busy throughout the evening,...

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Better Than Real

A guy trapped in VR cums to terms with his new girlhood.

Nyx awoke to the gentle, warm spray of cum against her face. She smiled up at the patron, who gushed another pair of ropes onto her cheeks before letting the rest dribble onto the sheet beneath her. She sat up out of bed to lick his cock clean, then thanked him when he deposited his 15 Gold into the piggybank next to her bed. Another satisfied client, and all she had to do was lie there and take a...

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Becoming a Sissy Cuckold Ch. 02

Neighbor turns me into a sissy cuckold.

Beth was now fucking Jerry every 2 or 3 days and each time they had sex Dan was required to be dressed in girly clothes and made to watch them as well as to video them. Beth loved watching the video's with Dan on those days that she didn't have sex with Jerry. Dan was also required to suck on Jerry's cock getting it hard so that he could fuck Beth and Dan was always required to clean Jerry's cock...

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The Gulf Coast Move

A move leads to a nude life.

While this story draws on some real experiences, it is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real person or institution is coincidental and unintentional. * It was one of those moments when you think "yes, things have worked out pretty well." My wife, Carol, my daughter Gwendolyn, and I were standing outside our newly-built home on a barrier island on the Florida Gulf Coast. We...

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Investing Time Ch. 03

Brian opens up about his past and plans for the future.

This story is a continuation of Counting Pennies by Vix Giovanni. Please be advised this story is part of a series with incest content. This is fiction. All characters are over 18. All rights are reserved. "No worries, bruh. Um. Let me call you back in, like, five, cool?" My phone rang about a minute later with a 646 number I didn't recognize. But I answered right away in case it was...

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The Looser

Finalizing a divorce in 750 words.

Mark Meadows slowly organized the packet of documents he had removed from the fire safe in his bedroom. "Get your stuff together guys. We leave for Grandma's in ten minutes!" he shouted to his three kids; Becky 13, Glenn 11 and Tabatha 8. "K Dad,"s were chorused back to him from the three bedrooms down the hall. Mark thumbed the speed dial for his sister and waited for her...

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I was Spelunking in a Cave One Day

A woman goes spelunking with friends and gets lost.

"I can't believe those guys," I muttered. "I can't fucking believe I'm here, in the dark, alone in a cave, like a bear." They hadn't left me behind, so much as I had stomped off in annoyance, because the guy I was supposed to be on a date with seemed more into the cute friend-of-a-friend his friend had invited. And I was frustrated an annoyed, because I'd allowed my roommates to talk me...

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Polyamory Ch. 06: Three Make Love

Debra and Gladys make love to Hank.

Chapter 6 "Debra and Gladys Make Love to Hank" We walked to Gladys's apartment for lunch. As for me, we couldn't get there quick enough. The plan was to have salads and for Debra and me to go to the beach. At least, that was the plan I was aware of. As soon as we had closed the door, Gladys went to her bedroom and returned naked. I knew she liked being naked in her home because we had...

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My Tied-Up Neighbor

My buddies and I jump into my hot neighbor's sex game.

I'd had a crush on Mrs. Gill ever since she and her husband moved next door. She was slim, with a pretty face, long straight brown hair, medium-sized tits, and a tight little ass. He was a great big muscular Marine Sergeant with a black buzz-cut. One day, she'd gotten all sweaty while washing her car. She hosed herself down, soaking her tight little bikini and showing her nipples through the...

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Kinky Khaleesi Pt. 01

Emilia Clarke is kinkier than I expected.

WARNING!! This story is in no way based on anything real and is completely fiction. Do not take this story seriously as it is only for your enjoyment. Anyone below the age of 18 is not allowed to read as it is rather explicit, leave reviews please. Any requests can be sent to me and they'll go through to my email and I hope you enjoy * It had been a weird week to say the least, I...

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Surrendering to Her Lover

After catching his wife, a husband is shown the way.

We'd been married for almost two years when I caught her. I had been out of town on business and was scheduled to get home late. A canceled flight is normally a disaster, but in this case the airline was able to book me on a direct flight that actually got me home hours earlier than my initial itinerary. I figured I'd keep quiet and surprise Sharron when I got home. I knew what was happening...

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Housekeeping Tuition

He pulled me towards him and slapped my pussy lips hard.

These last few weeks I have been having some housekeeping tuition from a lady in our church, mainly just the odd evening but tonight I am staying overnight it being the weekend. She is Ruth Jay and her husband Les Jay. They do not have any children and he is on the Elders panel, he is the otk hand spanker, I have had him twice spanking my bum. He obviously deals with Mrs. Jay and...

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Cream Puff Ch. 05

Getting ass fucked helps with cuckold angst.

I felt self-conscience kneeling behind Larry as he laid face down on his bed with my tongue pushed deep into his asshole. Not because I was rimming my wife's brother, but because I'd come straight from work and didn't have an opportunity to get my sissy girly outfit on. I was discovering how sexually powerful submission could be, especially for a straight man submitting to dominate gay men....

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Bred for Sex Ch. 04

A slice of family life... Jonty makes a resolution...

The next morning found Jonty eating breakfast with his wife, Sharan. He was exhausted after the previous night's effort filled exertions and could hardly keep his eyes open. His dubious dirty sex session with his nubile nymph of a daughter made the randy father feel guilty. Why was he willing to risk his life here for such a simple thing? He had a great looking wife, a fantastic daughter, and a...

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Shooting The Moon Ch. 07

Lizzie gets drawn further into Isaac's tribe.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * "Thank you for your patience, Mr. Balk. You as well, Mrs. Strachan. As you can see, I am waiving all late fees caused by the closed office. I'm also holding a special event next month, including a drawing for a month of half-rent. It will be held at the pool and it will include free pizza, soda, chips, and...

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Young Fern

My next door neighbor Tom askes me to look after his daughter.

Young Fern Revised Fern, the young girl next door loves breakfast with her Uncle Mike. My next door neighbor, Tom was a handyman and made a very good living out of it doing what most of us had no hope of starting, finishing or completing. Every chance he got he would head off to an old house he was doing up, spending most weekends there and a whole lot of money. He said he could see that this...

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Organism X Ch. 03

The sisterhood grows...

Molly smeared a dollop of the sample onto the microscope slide and slipped it under the lens. The image started out blurry, but Molly was adept with the tool and pretty soon, she got a clearer picture. Molly gazed down and gasped at what she saw. Millions of little objects wiggled about in the protoplasm, their bodies covered in cilia. If she had to guess, Molly might have called these...

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The Couch

George sits on the couch? Blowjob time. That's the rules.

George stepped into his apartment. He heard the sounds of TV from the living room. He entered, and saw his girlfriend lying down on the couch, ass up wearing nothing but a pair of lace panties and a loose t-shirt. "Hey babe. Watcha watchi- wait" This was not their couch. The previous coach was gray, around 20 years old, and had been dragged through college hell and back. This...

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Ankita Shaji of Kerala

Tall Black man meets short Indian gal in Ottawa.

Spencer Stephens is a young man living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, and like many of his mates, he feels like he's got the world on his shoulder. Spencer's father, proud Jamaican-Canadian immigrant and Algonquin College professor Samuel Stephens expects his son to make something of his life. As for Spencer's mother, Croatian-Canadian immigrant and government worker Helena Blazevic, she just...

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Our heroine remembers her first time.

A friend suggested I write about anything interesting from my past. What else? He was a friend of my father, a middle-aged man. Based on the idea and techniques in a magazine article I'd read, I selected him as my first lover. I was eighteen, ready to graduate, headed to college. I thought I'd have a head start if I got sex out of the way before I started higher education. I hope...

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Woman and two friends try out her new male toyboy.

Life had been a financial struggle since finishing college. The economy sucked, and everywhere I looked seemed to require 10 years of experience for their "entry-level" positions. I was barely scraping by on what low-level employment I could find. I had just passed 30. And my only two girlfriends I'd had since college had left me because in spite of treating them like princesses, I wasn't able to...

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Home from College Ch. 04

Mom makes breakfast and plays with her son.

Morning seemed to come quickly after our long night of adventure. Coffee and bacon and mischief was in the air as I entered the kitchen and saw mom at the table with a glass of orange juice and her laptop. She was wearing a silk robe, pink and white, the top of it open just enough to see her 34c tits almost to the nipple, an opening all the way down that ended in her perfect legs crossed...

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Sasspot Ch. 03

Sasspots 3rd time with Sir. A little more loving.

Part 3 in an ongoing series. A little more loving with a hint of bdsm Yes everyone is over 18 As always for her- My Sasspot *** It had been an insane week. Sir's small business was experiencing record sales, week after week. Sasspot's adventure just kept growing and getting bigger and bigger. The time they spent together was essentially cuddling in exhaustion, skin on skin,...

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The Cabin Ch. 05

Nia's first threesome.

Imani has arrived and she is dancing from her painfully full bladder. Her chocolate tits shake with the movement and her dark nipples are swaying with the rhythm. My daughter's dark eyes are pulled towards her nipples and there is a sense of excitement on her face. I lay on my back beneath her spread legs as she lowers herself towards my waiting mouth. Her body is pointed towards my hard...

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Sperm was the Antidote

Jackie Gets involved in a scientific experiment.

_A twisted Sci-Fi Fantasy tale from the mind of Sethp. Although this is in the incest/taboo category, most of the incest happens near the beginning and at the very end. I'd like to give a special thanks to PennLady for help with editing. All mistakes are mine and mine alone though. Please comment and vote if you like the story. I always welcome feedback. It's a Sci-Fi Story so a little so......

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